The LeDiet method

Le diet method

The LeDiet method makes it possible to lose weight gradually over the long term thanks to a programme adapted to your needs and lifestyle.

What is the LeDiet method?

The LeDiet Method was developed by two doctors, Professor Apfelbaum and Dr. Benchetrit. It is available on the Internet and is very popular in the United States because it makes it easy to relearn how to eat healthy. Its principle is to follow a low-calorie diet, while maintaining a balanced diet.

The LeDiet method consists of an individual diagnosis and then proposes a diet that :

fills deficiencies or corrects dietary excesses;
allows to learn how to eat in a healthy and balanced way;
is adapted to one’s lifestyle and slimming goals.

LeDiet: a personalised plan

The LeDiet method offers 5 personalized plans according to each person’s profile:

LeDiet Freedom:

  • lose weight at your own pace;
  • varied diet with a minimum of restriction.

LeDiet express :

  • rapid weight loss during the first 4 weeks with a low-calorie diet;
  • weight stabilization by varying the diet after the 5th week.

LeDiet anti-cellulite :

  • targeted diet for people who want to lose cellulite;
  • diet targeted on fibre, protein and minimising the intake of simple sugars, salt and lipids.

LeDiet 45 years old :

  • A targeted programme to combat the effects of ageing on the body;
  • personalised diet to make up for age-related deficiencies such as protein, calcium, antioxidant deficiencies, etc.

LeDiet after baby :

  • Diet to get them back in shape and shape after pregnancy;
  • targeted diet to make up for vitamin and mineral deficiencies and to reduce excess fat.

Diet after pregnancy

The advantages of this method

The LeDiet method is a major success in the United States and on the Internet. This method has many advantages:

  • method developed by doctors and therefore safe for health;
  • makes it possible to lose an average of 3.8 kg per month (according to a survey conducted in 2009 on 2,000 people);
    diet adapted to one’s lifestyle;
  • a balanced and healthy diet avoiding the feeling of hunger;
  • flexible method allowing small treats to avoid frustration.

The disadvantages of the LeDiet method

The LeDiet method has some drawbacks mainly because of the way it works via the Internet. Thus, this method has some drawbacks for some people :

  • impersonal method, because the whole program is done entirely via the Internet ;
  • the person must be motivated at the base to succeed in the slimming program, because the program is to be followed independently.

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