The 5-2 Diet

The 5-2 diet is a brand new way to lose weight. It was proposed by Dr. Michelle Harvie, dietician and Tony Howell, professor of oncology. Initially, it was a way to fight breast cancer, but it turned out to be an excellent technique for weight loss.

5-2 Diet: the method to lose weight

The 5-2 diet consists of eating as much as you like 5 days a week and following a semi-fasting diet (eating the bare minimum in terms of calorie intake) on the remaining 2 days. With this method, it is possible to lose up to 1.5 kg in the first week.

Warning: this diet is not suitable for children, adolescents, pregnant women and individuals with kidney failure.


What to eat during the 2 days of semi-fasting?

The 2 days of semi-fasting must be limited to the consumption of certain foods in very small quantities. Here is the daily composition of these foods:

The composition of the food for the semi-fast


Type of substance recommended Food/Beverages
Protein in reasonable amounts
  • white meat;
  • egg;
  • fish.
50 g carbohydrate
  • oil;
  • butter;
  • mayonnaise, etc.
80 g green vegetables
  • artichokes;
  • green beans ;
  • broccoli;
  • zucchini, etc.
80 g of low-carbohydrate fruit
  • peaches ;
  • strawberries;
  • cranberries, etc.
Minimum 2 litres of sugar-free liquid
  • Water;
  • tea or herbal tea;
  • coffee.


Note: during these two days of dieting, do not exceed 500 calories for women and 600 calories for men.


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