The Soup Diet

soup diet

The soup diet is based, as the name suggests, on the consumption of soup for the different meals of the day.

What is a soup diet?

A soup diet is a 7-day diet based on vegetable soup or broth. Soups can be mixed or unmixed to vary the texture of the soup. However, a soup with whole vegetables provides a more satisfying effect.

The soup diet is complemented by:

  • high-protein, low-fat foods (low-fat yogurt, fish);
  • fruit;
  • nutritional supplements (capsules, herbal teas, vitamins, minerals…);
  • vitamin and mineral supplements

This diet is for people who want to lose weight quickly.

There is also a variant of this regime, which alternates between :

  • a week’s supply of soup;
  • a week’s stabilization.

The benefits of the soup diet

The soup diet has many advantages:

  • rapid weight loss ;
  • healthy eating ;
  • no restriction on the amount of soup consumed;
  • this diet detoxifies the body;
  • it also cleanses the digestive system.

The disadvantages of a soup diet

The soup diet also has its drawbacks:

  • it’s a very restrictive and monotonous diet;
  • it should not be followed over a long period at the risk of creating a dietary deficiency, as well as muscle or bone loss;
  • weight regain is inevitable at the end of the diet;
  • it is essential to be voluntary and rigorous when following this diet, because the menus must be followed to the letter;
  • Feelings of hunger are frequent and can lead to fatigue, loss of concentration and irritability;
  • This makes the soup diet difficult to reconcile with a full-time job.

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