The Slim Data Diet

slim data diet

An expert in nutritional biology, Yann Rougier, developed the Slim Data method with the help of Japanese researchers and 25 years of nutritional research. The difference between this method and other balanced diets (Okinawa diet, Cretan diet, Ayurvedic diet, Californian diet, Miami diet) is its mode of action: awakening the slimming memory.

Principle of the Slim Data method

Slimming memory loss.

Contemporary food has stifled the memory of slimming in various ways:

  • with the multiplication of aggressive cooking methods;
  • with overly refined products, overly processed industrial dishes, with too much salt, sugar, bad fats (designed to titillate our brains and create a desire to “come back”);
  • by a common hyperphagia far from the signals of hunger and satiety: between real needs and satiety disturbed, our brain no longer knows where it stands and demands more and more food.

Slim Data intervenes to rebalance the centre of satiety: you have to learn to eat again out of physiological need.

Food Slim Index or Slim Data

The slimming index combines the insulin index (indicates the degree of insulin secreted in response to a food according to its GI and glycemic load), the enzyme index (the way we digest that food) and the caloric index. This index indicates the storage strength of a food in the body (its ability to generate body fat) and how it indicates satiety to the brain.

The slim data varies from 1 to 100: the aim is to select foods with a low index. Colours guide the choice of foods:

  • green zone : slim data from 0 to 35) ;
  • orange zone : slim data from 40 to 55 ;
  • red zone : slim data from 60 to 80 ;
  • and purple area: slim data from 81 to 100.

The 3 phases of the Slim Data method

Phase 1

Duration: 3 weeks.

Meals have a Slim Data of 45 maximum. In practice this results in meals consisting of 3 foods from the green zone or 2 from the green zone and 1 from the orange zone.

Phase 2

Duration: 3 weeks.

The Slim Data for meals is 50 maximum. In practice this results in meals composed as in phase 1 or 1 food from the green zone and 2 from the orange zone.

Do you feel like having fun meals? Twice a week and not consecutively, compose your meal with one food from each area.

Phase 3

Duration: for life.

The Slim Data for the meal is 55 maximum. It is simply forbidden to accumulate 3 foods from the red zone on the same meal (except once a month), nor 2 from the orange zone and 1 from the red zone on the same meal. The green zone must at least be present at all meals, ideally.

Please note: twice a month food from the purple area is allowed.

The tools of the Slim Data method

These are lists of foods classified by food groups and colour. Your whole diet is based on them.
Green Zone Orange Zone Red Zone Violet area
Meat, fish and eggs Fish and shellfish, meat and eggs Offal and game Deli meats, canned fish in oil, breaded fish, fish roe All others
  • Tofu, kidney beans.
  • Oat bran and wheat bran are allowed.
Bulgur, couscous semolina, breakfast cereals such as oat flakes, brown rice, wholemeal flours, cereal flours and derived products, flageolets, corn, legumes. Just about all of them, including canned cassoulet. All including industrial cereal products, potato chips
Dairy products Low-fat dairy products (yoghurts, fromage frais, cottage cheese, milk) Cooked cheeses and fruit white cheeses Fermented cheeses, processed cheeses, whole cow’s milk All others
Fruits Fresh fruit (cherries, citrus fruits, kiwis) and oilseeds (almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts) Green bananas, peaches, pears, watermelons, apples, grapes. Fruits in syrup, dried fruits (apricots, figs, dates, prunes) All others
  • All except cooked carrots, cooked red beets, turnip and pumpkin family.
  • You should also avoid mashed potatoes and mixed soups.
/ Cooked carrots, mashed potatoes, mixed soups All others
Beverages Water, tea without sugar, coffee without sugar, infusions Red wine, orange or tomato juice (ideally homemade). / All, including syrups, alcohols, sodas, etc.
Others Spices and herbs Olive oil, rapeseed, sunflower, sesame oil Breadcrumbs, ketchup, vinegar, fried foods and sandwiches All others

The keys to a successful Slim Data diet

To maximize your chances of feeling true hunger and satiety, two things are important:

  • We must learn not to eat outside of meals and especially learn not to eat out of emotional hunger (that little peck that we think we have when we are tired, when we are emotionally fragile which pushes us towards fat and sugar). You must eat with physiological hunger only.
  • Eating meals in a calm environment, chewing food well and focusing on flavours is essential. Eating quickly and greedily prevents satiety signals from setting in. Only the overflow signals then work!

Benefits of the Slim Data Diet

  • Weight loss with a real practice of balanced diet.
  • Return of the feeling of hunger and satiety.
  • Everything is allowed, no frustrations.
  • No calorie counting: the table is quickly memorized and it is quickly possible to follow the diet without having it in front of you.

Limits of the Slim Data method

  • Weight loss is not fast, it can be demotivating. However, this method makes it possible to lose weight in the long term, in addition to eating healthily.
  • Finding the right foods can be tedious at first.

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