Seignalet Diet

Seignalet diet

An ancestral and original dietary approach for a hypotoxic diet.

Developed by the very famous doctor and biologist Jean Seignalet, the Seignalet diet, which treats nearly 91 illnesses, would also help you to become and stay slim. Here’s everything you need to know to follow this diet, which requires great motivation coupled with unfailing rigour.

Principle of the Seignalet diet

Dr. Seignalet advocates a return to a food model close to the Paleolithic. The reason? Contemporary food clogs our intestines and makes the intestinal barrier permeable, allowing many undesirable molecules to enter the body.

  • Once in the bloodstream, these solicit the immune system, which generates an inflammatory response. If repeated too often, the inflammatory response can lead to autoimmune diseases.
  • Sometimes overwhelmed, the immune system can no longer cleanse the body of these undesirable particles, which creates cellular fouling and overloading of the purifying organs, resulting in elimination diseases.

Lose weight with the Seignalet diet

In addition to limiting the various elimination diseases, the practice of the Seignalet diet would make it possible to lose weight in a sustainable way, provided that you follow this diet for life.

Exaggeration of animal proteins

Proteins are the most important part of the Seignalet diet. They must be consumed in the form of meat, fish and eggs. Animal proteins are used to maintain muscle, not fat mass. On this point the Seignalet diet is reminiscent of protein diets.

Total exclusion of certain food groups

  • All milk from animals and animal products are prohibited. These products secrete a lot of insulin, a hormone used to store fats and sugars. Their removal therefore has an impact on weight loss.
  • All sources of gluten and mutated cereals (rye, oats, wheat, barley, maize, spelt, kamut) and their derivatives are prohibited. Only rice (wild ideal), sesame, buckwheat, millet, chestnut and quinoa are allowed, as they avoid glycemic peaks and thus insulin peaks.
  • Animal fats, refined oils and margarines are prohibited. Cold pressed oils are preferred: olive, rapeseed, hazelnut, rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Consumed raw, in moderate quantities, they facilitate elimination, taking care of the veins, arteries and blood.

Total exclusion of certain culinary techniques

Cooking at temperatures above 110°C is not permitted. Raw food should be preferred.

Cooking at high temperatures tends to increase the glycemic index of foods (their ability to raise blood sugar levels), which limits insulin secretion and thus the storage of sugars and fats.

The keys to losing weight with the Seignalet diet

  • You have to be very disciplined and highly motivated to follow this regime, because it is very restrictive. It goes against our food culture.
  • Going on a hypotoxic diet also means bringing only healthy things to the body. It is therefore necessary to ban all industrial products, avoid alcohol and tobacco, and favour organically grown food.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Seignalet plan

The Seignalet regime allows you to :

  • lose weight permanently ;
  • prevent or even cure nearly 91 pathologies including autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, cell fouling diseases such as cancer, type 2 diabetes or elimination diseases such as colitis.

Warning: for the moment, the benefits of the Seignalet diet on the above-mentioned pathologies are only theoretical and have not been scientifically proven. On the other hand, most doctors now agree that this diet is the most effective solution against Crohn’s disease.

However, the Seignalet regime also has its limits:

  • This diet must necessarily be supplemented with vitamins and minerals in the form of food supplements.
  • This regime is very restrictive, almost untenable, and does not tolerate any deviation in order to function. A 10% deviation from the recommendations would result in a 50% loss of benefits (health issue!).
  • An intense social life is incompatible with this regime. Eating out becomes a real headache.
  • Eating raw requires respect for the freshness of food and the rules of hygiene applicable to foodstuffs. There is a higher risk of parasitosis than when food is well cooked (especially meat and fish).
  • The Seignalet diet can induce headaches, fatigue, diarrhea, muscle aches, runny nose.
  • The author died of diet-induced pancreatitis.

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