Scarsdale Diet

The Scarsdale diet allows you to lose weight by eliminating sugars from your diet: it is a low-carbohydrate diet.

What is the Scarsdale Diet?

The Scarsdale Regime was developed in the late 1970s in the United States and more specifically in the city of Scarsdale, New York. It was developed by the founder of the New York Medical Center, cardiologist Herman Tarnower. The latter based his diet on the cardiovascular benefits of reducing sugars in the diet while allowing fruit and 2 slices of bread a day.

The Scarsdale Diet in practice

A Scarsdale diet lasts 14 days and requires a diet:

  • without carbohydrates: rice, pasta, some vegetables, starchy foods, cereals, desserts … ;
  • . . .no sugary drinks: soda, alcohol. . ;
  • . . .no butter, no oil. . ;
  • rich in protein: lean meat and fish.

It allows only 1,000 calories per day, which should not be exceeded. They must be divided into 3 meals and be provided in the form of animal proteins and fresh vegetables. The meals are therefore made up of 3 types of food :

  • vegetables almost at will;
  • fruit;
  • lean protein: meat or fish cooked without oil.

Then, every 2 weeks, the diet is expanded and gradually, in very moderate quantities, dairy products, eggs, bread or starchy foods, oilseeds, sugar-free jams and alcohol can be added. Nothing more.

Example of a meal in a Scarsdale Diet

Types of meals :

  • Breakfast: half grapefruit, tea or coffee, a slice of wholemeal bread.
  • Lunch and dinner: lean meat or fish + vegetables.

Note: this diet has variations: gourmet, vegetarian, exotic, economical…

Benefits of the Scarsdale Diet

The Scarsdale Plan has some advantages, it allows :

  • rapid weight loss;
  • to eat his fill;
  • to eat without counting, no restrictions on quantities.

Disadvantages of a Scarsdale Diet

The Scarsdale regime also has drawbacks:

  • it is difficult to follow because it limits carbohydrate intake (but allows bread) ;
  • it’s not adapted to everyone’s nutritional needs;
  • it can cause dietary deficiencies in essential fatty acids, calcium, etc. ;
  • weight regain is often unavoidable at the end of the diet
  • It is one of the most frustrating and difficult diets to follow, because no deviation is tolerated: to avoid regaining the weight lost, you must continue indefinitely, alternating between 2 weeks on the diet and 2 weeks off the diet.

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