Naturhouse Diet

Lose weight with food supplements and the support of a dietician. This is the main principle of the Naturhouse diet.

Straight from Spain, the Naturhouse diet is a slimming concept which, alongside a low-calorie diet and regular dietary monitoring, gives pride of place to food supplements. Would you like to know more about it? Follow the guide.

The 4 main principles of the Naturhouse Diet

The Naturhouse slimming diet tackles overweight and obesity with :

  • a weekly 15-minute follow-up with a dietician trained in the Naturhouse method (by appointment);
  • a low-calorie diet in 3 phases (each consisting of 3 meals and 2 snacks) :
    • a weight loss phase;
    • a stabilization phase;
    • and a maintenance phase;
    • All food groups are represented, except starchy foods at the beginning, the quantities are moderate and light cooking is imperative;
  • a very important intake of Naturhouse herbal food supplements and Naturhouse food products: drainers, fat burners, appetite suppressants, jams, coffee, tea and infusion, biscuits ;
  • an incentive to play sports.

The benefits of the Naturhouse Diet

  • the weight loss is quite significant;
  • The care is global: dietary rules, support by the dietician, encouragement to sport to lose weight;
  • the appointments with the dietician are private: the exchanges are more personalized than with Weight Watchers diet meetings for example ;
  • leads to a sustainable food rebalancing.

Disadvantages of the Naturhouse Diet

  • To succeed in this diet, you must agree to visit the centre regularly and to take the supplements indicated by the dietician, which can quickly become restrictive.
  • The price: on average 50 € per week or 200 € per month. It is not excluded that the bill may go much higher: it depends on your profile, your needs, the number of food supplements you take, the Naturhouse products you buy, etc.
  • The first consultation lasts only 30 min: a first dietary consultation should last at least 1 hour.
  • The Naturhouse diet is not suitable in case of health problems such as diabetes for example. Also, if you are taking any medication, make sure that the herbs in the supplements do not interact with them.


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