Lose Hip Fat

The method to lose hip fat based on a diet that limits fat intake and then allows the hips to firm up through physical exercise.

How do you lose hip fat?

Changing your diet to reduce the accumulation of fat in your body will help you lose weight at the hips. There is no specific diet for losing weight only at the hips, because fat loss occurs throughout the body. However, a balanced and healthy diet combined with a sports training programme can achieve satisfactory results in reshaping the hips.

In general, to reduce the risk of fat storage in the hips, it is necessary to :

  • to follow on a balanced and healthy diet: fruit, vegetables, meat, fish..;
  • to reduce foods rich in sugar and fat: cakes, sodas, bread, pasta, sauces, dairy products…;
  • to do a sport activity regularly.

Losing weight from the hips: in practice

Here are a few tips to put into practice to target your slimming at the hips.

Adopt a diet that will melt your fat

Different diets can help you lose hips. The quality of the foods you eat is very important, much more than the removal or over-expression of a food group.

  • Favour foods with a low glycemic index that limit the secretion of insulin (a hormone that stores sugars and fats): legumes, whole grain cereals and whole grain products, vegetables, fresh, dried and oleaginous fruits, lean meats, fish, shellfish and crustaceans.
  • Beware of dairy abuse: no more than 2/day. Although they have a low glycemic index, they make you secrete a lot of insulin.
  • Limit animal fats, hydrogenated fats from industrial products and cooked fats. Prefer omega 3: rapeseed oil (alternating with olive oil), linseed or nut oil used raw and fatty fish (sardines, mackerel, salmon for example).

Draining, massaging and strengthening

  • To eliminate properly, drink 1.5 l of low mineral water per day, with added slimming drains.
  • Slimming massages help to break up fat deposits, facilitate blood circulation in this area and thus better eliminate fat.
  • It will be necessary to build up the transverse muscles: running, Latin or oriental dances, yoga and fitness are particularly indicated.

Surgery or aesthetic medicine

The use of these techniques is a real plus as hip loss can be very difficult, as natural morphology is often involved.

  • Lipocryotherapy (a technique that uses cold), mesotherapy (injections of slimming products) are techniques of aesthetic medicine that in just a few sessions allow good results.
  • Liposuction immediately removes excess fat. The hips lend themselves well to this technique because the skin is dense, firm and thick.
  • Morpholiposculpture is the non-surgical version of liposuction. It consists of a combination of techniques: injection of hypo-osmolar solution (salt water) into the fat tissue, use of ultrasound and other complementary care chosen according to your profile. The protocol is defined and implemented by the practitioner.

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