Lose Butt Fat

lose butt fat

The solution to lose butt fat is based on a diet that reduces fat intake and then facilitates the firming of the buttocks through physical exercise.

How do you lose butt fat?

The buttock loss method aims to change your diet to reduce the accumulation of fat in the body. There is no standard diet for buttock loss alone, as fat loss occurs over the entire body. However, by following a physical exercise program combined with a balanced and healthy diet, it is possible to achieve satisfactory results for a shapely buttocks.

In general, to reduce the risk of fat storage in the buttocks, it is necessary to :

  • to follow on a balanced and healthy diet: fruit, vegetables, meat, fish..;
  • to reduce foods rich in sugar and fat: cakes, sodas, bread, pasta, sauces, dairy products…;
  • to do a sports activity on a daily basis.

To lose buttocks, you have to stop giving the body enough to fill up the adipocytes (fat cells) and they will have to be emptied. Several diets can help you do this:

  • You want it to go fast? Slimming diets will meet your expectations, but beware, for a limited period of time, because it is the dietary imbalance they create that allows you to lose excess fat. Then, adopting a balanced diet allows you to limit the risks of the “yo-yo” effect.
  • Are you reasonable in your objectives? Balanced diets will suit you better. They allow you to lose weight by eating everything you need and to adopt a healthy lifestyle in a sustainable way.

Methods for slimming buttocks

In addition to an adapted diet, there are several solutions to lose buttocks:

  • dislodging cellulite;
  • sport;
  • surgery or cosmetic medicine.

Dislodging cellulite

It is absolutely necessary to remove all traces of cellulite from the buttocks. This is usually adipose cellulite. For that, it will be necessary to:

  • Draining: by drinking 5 to 6 cups of green tea per day or with the help of a drainer.

Tip: dilute the drain in one or two glasses of water, but not in 1l of water. This way, you will get less tired of it.

  • Massage: the flagship massage is the manual palpating-rolling (which allows you to be precise on the area to be massaged) combined with an anti-cellulite cream, rich in caffeine.
  • Take care of the elimination pathways: on the menu a veinotonic (red vine infusions), antioxidant molecules to capture toxins (from vegetables and fruit) and omega 3 to thin the blood (from rapeseed oil and oily fish).

Playing sports

You’re going to have to be patient, because a nice buttock is earned! It is not only a question of emptying the adipocytes, but also of muscling and toning up.

  • Cycling, swimming, skipping rope, brisk walking, are sports that are not targeted at the buttocks, but which will help you to refine and strengthen them. Climbing steps on tiptoes will help you to get a nice curve.
  • As for targeted exercise, a slimming coach will be able to concoct a tailor-made program that will consist in working the muscles of the buttocks.

In practice, the physical activities adapted to lose weight on the buttocks are :

  • jogging;
  • the bike;
  • the work of the abductors;
  • abdominals;
  • swimming;
  • water aerobics.

For a good efficiency, do these exercises ½ hour a day with small breaks of 1 minute.

Cosmetic surgery

  • It’s a quick and effective technique, but one of last resort. It is a liposuction on the area of the buttocks which consists of removing excess deep fat (the orange peel appearance may persist since the dimpled skin is directly under the skin), by suction. Excess water can also be removed in some cases.
  • Aesthetic medicine solutions such as lipocryotherapy (which uses cold) or mesotherapy (injection of slimming products) are already giving good results.

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