Hormonal Diet

The hormonal diet is part of the dissociated diets. It allows you to lose weight by taking into account your hormonal profile to personalize your diet.

What is the hormonal diet?

The hormonal diet is based on the difference in nutritional requirements according to its hormonal activity. Certain foods that are incompatible with its hormonal profile could be the cause of weight gain. This method distinguishes 12 hormonal profiles that everyone should be able to identify with.

The hormonal diet helps fight:

  • insulin imbalance: a diet low in fat and sugars is required;
  • the effects of stress: a low-salt diet (prepared dishes, sauces, etc.) is necessary.

The benefits of the hormonal diet

There are advantages to the hormonal diet:

  • it allows a weight loss of up to 5 kg in 1 week;
  • Diet helps prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. ;
  • no feeling of hunger;
  • it allows you to adopt healthy eating habits (do not snack, do sports, avoid sweetened drinks…) and to think about the impact of what you eat.

Disadvantages of the hormonal diet

However, the hormonal diet has some drawbacks to be aware of:

  • Weight loss depends on individual eating habits;
  • you have to know about her hormonal problems.


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