Hollywood Diet

The Hollywood diet is part of the dissociated diets. It makes it possible to lose weight by eating only fruit.

What’s a Hollywood diet?

The Hollywood diet is also called the “fruit diet”. It originated in the United States, and more specifically in Hollywood, where stars wanted to lose weight quickly in the 1980s.

A Hollywood diet lasts about 15 days and is based on :

  • the consumption of fruit for each meal during the first 2 weeks: pineapple, grapefruit, watermelon… ;
  • dissociation of meals after the 2nd week: reintroduction of proteins and lipids, but consumed alone.

In this diet, all industrial foods are excluded.

Benefits of the Hollywood Diet

The Hollywood plan has its advantages:

  • it allows for rapid weight loss;
  • it is ideal for people who love fruit;
  • it’s easy to follow because there are no quantity restrictions;
  • it detoxifies the body;
  • it allows you to learn healthy eating habits (do not snack, do sports, avoid sugary drinks…);
  • it allows you to make small deviations, but with a counterpart: a fruit cure for 3 days.

The disadvantages of a Hollywood Diet

However, the Hollywood regime does have its drawbacks:

  • weight regain at the end of the diet ;
  • high risk of deficiencies leading to fatigue ;
  • it causes a feeling of hunger;
  • it can cause significant fatigue;
  • you have to appreciate the consumption of fruit;
  • This diet does not provide a balanced diet and should not be continued in the long term.


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