Forking Diet

Eating exclusively with a fork: this could be the summary of the forking regime. Although it may seem amusing on the surface, this diet, otherwise known as the fork diet, is nonetheless very serious. To all those who are fed up with overly complex slimming diets, follow the guide.

Forking Diet: A Behavioural Approach to Weight Loss

It is at the basis of the obligation of the exclusive use of the range that ultimately leads to a loss of weight. It is therefore a behaviourist approach in the same way as losing weight with mindfulness, hypnosis to lose weight, cardiac coherence or psychotherapy to lose weight.

The proper use of the fork in the forking regime

The rule: no knives, no spoons, no fingers and you have to prick with a fork. It is strictly forbidden to divert the use of the fork and to use the slice as a knife for soft foods. The consequences:

  • High-calorie foods are automatically banned: hamburgers, chips, biscuits, bread, sauces, dairy products, … The only foods that require the use of a fork are fish rather than meat, vegetables, cereals and legumes;
  • This forces you to concentrate on your eating behaviour and therefore to chew more, to take your time.

The 2 phases of the forking regime

The forking diet is practiced in the evening in order to respect the biological rhythm: the sugars and carbohydrates in food are metabolized into fat and are not really an immediate source of energy. It is done in 2 steps:

  • Phase 1: the strictest. The meal is prepared and eaten with a fork;
  • Phase 2: The meal is eaten with a fork. This phase is therefore less strict since the meats are included on the condition that they are cut beforehand with a knife.

The advantages of the forking scheme

  • The forking diet allows you to lose some weight. Ideal when you have just 2 or 3 kg to lose.
  • It is quite easy: the foods to avoid are not to be memorized, they are automatically eliminated by incompatibility with the exclusive use of the fork. There are also no calories to count.
  • It is not frustrating because only the evening meal is concerned.
  • The evening meal is light, which makes you hungry in the morning and pushes you to breakfast.

The keys to losing weight with the forking diet

Don’t forget that:

  • The rest of the day, even if everything can be eaten, one must be reasonable in the choice of food and the quantities ingested.
  • People with a lot of weight to lose can combine the forking diet with a slimming diet.

The limits of the forking regime

This slimming method is only suitable for people who have a balanced diet and for those who have only a few kilos to lose. It does not teach how to eat a balanced diet.

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