Flat Belly Diet

A diet is a change in eating habits. It must be followed with vigilance so as not to cause dietary deficiencies. This is why different diets exist according to each person’s needs.

The flat belly diet is based on a diet that reduces fat intake in order to firm the belly with the help of physical exercise.

What is a flat belly diet?

The flat belly diet allows you to modify your diet to reduce round bellies. The accumulation of fat under the skin and lack of physical activity are among the main causes of “sagging” bellies.

The flat belly diet is based on :

  • a diet rich in proteins, cereals, green vegetables, fresh and dried fruits ;
  • a diet low in sugar and fat: cakes, sodas, bread, pasta, sauces, dairy products… ;
  • regular physical activity.

The key points for achieving a flat belly are a healthy diet and exercise.

Why don’t I have a flat belly?

There are several causes for the appearance of abdominal (between the muscles and skin) and visceral (deeper) fat:

  • A hormonal imbalance of insulin, cortisol, progesterone, and testosterone and the detrimental effects of estrogen and catecholamines (fat burners) leads to abdominal fat.
  • The menopause which modifies the distribution of fats: the cause would be partly hormonal, but also enzymatic (excess of ALDH1A1).
  • Lack of physical activity, which reflects a low catecholamine level that promotes the installation of fat on the abdominal belt.
  • Stress, which leads to excess cortisol production.
  • Bad postures that cause muscle relaxation on the abdominal belt.
  • Digestive problems, bloating. The belly suffers the consequences: fat is more easily lodged there.
  • A diet rich in refined carbohydrates and fat, which promotes insulin production and fat storage.

Flat belly diet: the solutions

Here are the keys to a flat tummy.

Avoid foods that tend to make you bloated.

It’s all about bloating, it’s all about personal tolerance or intolerance. We’ll give you some clues: it’s up to each person to find out what makes him or her bloated or not.

  • Excess hard fibres should be avoided as they are aggressive to the intestine, which can cause bloating. It is necessary to alternate between raw and cooked and limit the bran (oat bran is less irritating than wheat bran). Also limit your consumption of legumes: twice a week maximum.
  • Lactose in milk can cause bloating. Choose lactose-depleted milk or trade it for calcium-enriched vegetable milk. Yoghurts and cheeses do not have this effect since lactic acid bacteria use this lactose.
  • Soft drinks: chewing with your mouth open or drinking during meals can cause bloating.
  • Fermentable foods such as cruciferous or sauerkraut are to be avoided.

Avoid foods that produce body fat

  • Favour foods with a low or zero glycemic index that limit insulin secretion: legumes, whole grains and whole grain products, vegetables, fresh, dried and oleaginous fruits, lean meats, fish, shellfish and crustaceans.
  • Beware of dairy abuse: no more than 2/day.
  • Eat whole fruit (no fruit juice or very smooth compotes). Whole fibres slow down the arrival of fructose (their sugar) to the liver. If it arrives too quickly, it is metabolized into fats that become visceral fats. Note that soft drinks and industrial sugar products contain fructose.
  • Limit animal fats, gravy dishes and cooked fats. Prefer fats rich in omega 3: rapeseed oil (alternating with olive oil for a good omega 3/omega 6 ratio), linseed or walnut oil, used raw, and fatty fish (sardines, mackerel, salmon for example) are ideal.
  • Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats favour visceral fats. Therefore, avoid industrial products that are also sources of hidden sugars.

Tips for a Successful Flat Belly Diet

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your flat belly diet:

Achieving a flat belly diet
Tips Explanations
Eat at set times, chewing well and calmly. Allows for better digestion and therefore better weight loss.
Eating fruit as a snack
  • At the end of a meal, trapped by the rest of the food bolus, their fibre starts to ferment in the stomach.
  • This causes digestive discomfort, bloating and therefore promotes body fat.
Taking a course of prebiotics and probiotics
  • This restores the intestinal flora.
  • Ask your pharmacist for advice.
Drink enough
  • This contributes to the regulation of bloating and promotes elimination.
  • Green tea will be your best ally.
Learning how to manage stress
  • Managing stress is important because it promotes the secretion of cortisol, testosterone and lowers estrogen levels.
  • In addition, in case of stress, the risk of compensating with food is great.
  • Cardiac coherence for weight loss can help you.
Getting enough sleep Sleep deficiency has an impact on the metabolism, which is favoured by visceral fats.
Turning to phytotherapy It helps to fight against bad digestion and bloating, thanks to :

  • with vegetable charcoal;
  • mint;
  • to the artichoke;
  • with black radish;
  • at the fumitory.
Playing sports Sport secretes catecholamines, which are fat burners. Strengthens the abdominal muscles through targeted exercises. Cardio exercises (over 40 min) force the body to draw on its reserves and thus burn fat.
Wear slimming clothes
  • They give the illusion of a flat belly.
  • Helps to restore tension and tone to the skin: very important in times of weight loss.

The benefits of this plan

The flat belly diet has many advantages:

  • it allows to target the belly while improving the general physical condition;
  • it is varied and balanced;
  • it teaches good eating habits;
  • he associates the importance of exercising while on a diet.

Disadvantages of a flat belly diet

The flat belly diet also has disadvantages:

  • it is not the miracle solution, the roundness in the belly can reappear if a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle persist after the diet;
  • it can be difficult to follow because it is low in sugars and fats and therefore may lack taste;
  • it can cause deficiencies.

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