Dietary regime

A diet is a change in eating habits. It must be followed with vigilance so as not to cause dietary deficiencies. This is why different diets exist according to each person’s needs.

The dietary regime is perfectly adapted to your tastes and your pace of life.

What is a dietary regime ?

The diet is proposed by professionals in nutrition and dietetics. Talk to a doctor, nutritionist or dietician to start a diet.

This type of diet is intended for people who want to lose weight:

  • in a natural way;
  • without dietary restrictions;
  • in a progressive way;
  • by adapting the diet to their lifestyle.

The advantages

The diet has many advantages thanks to its supervision by a health professional who allows :

  • a diet adapted to your tastes, needs and lifestyle;
  • a progressive weight loss to reach a stable ideal weight;
  • the small deviations of delicacies to give oneself occasional pleasure and avoid frustration;
  • no side effects or deficiencies;
  • to learn good eating habits for a healthy and balanced diet.

The Disadvantages

The diet allows for a gentle weight loss. For some people, the disadvantages of this diet are :

  • the gradual and slow loss of weight;
  • the need to be patient to observe the results.

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