Diet after pregnancy

post pregnancy diet

The post-pregnancy diet is based on a balanced diet to recharge the young mother’s batteries. On this page, you will find advice on how to lose excess weight after your pregnancy.

What is the post-pregnancy diet?

After a pregnancy, every mother wants to regain her figure. The pregnancy diet allows you to gradually return to good eating habits. Don’t go on a restrictive and restrictive diet, you risk losing motivation and becoming discouraged if you don’t get satisfactory results.

A post-pregnancy diet is based on:

  • a gentle weight loss so as not to tire your body even more;
  • a balanced diet: fish, meat, dairy products, green vegetables… ;
  • a healthy lifestyle: perineal reeducation and walking to resume sport gently, no snacking between meals, drink at least 1.5 l of water per day;
  • little treats are allowed, but no abuse!

Good to know: Talk to your doctor or health care professional to adapt the diet to your own needs.

The benefits of the plan after pregnancy

A post-pregnancy diet provides the basis for healthy eating and living:

  • the diet must be personalized to suit your nutritional needs;
  • it allows you to lose weight gradually and over the long term;
  • after the many delicacies during pregnancy, it helps to rehabilitate the body to a balanced diet;
  • diet easy to follow, because it is not restrictive, but balanced;
  • it must be supplemented by a gentle sporting activity for the first few months.

Disadvantages of the diet after pregnancy

The post-pregnancy diet is adapted to your needs for gradual weight loss. People eager to lose weight may find that this diet has the disadvantage of losing weight too slowly.

Morphonutrition proposes to erase the “defects” of your morphology by losing weight in targeted areas. It is perfect for people who wish to slim down without seeing their body totally transformed.


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