The Cosmonaut Diet

cosmonaut diet

A diet is a change in eating habits. It must be followed with vigilance so as not to cause dietary deficiencies. This is why different diets exist according to each person’s needs.

The cosmonaut diet is a low-calorie diet that allows you to lose weight very quickly.

What is a cosmonaut diet?

A cosmonaut diet is based on the diet followed by NASA cosmonauts. This diet is very low in calories while providing essential nutrients.

The cosmonaut regime is a 3-day diet and requires:

  • Absorption of at least 2 litres of water per day (water, tea, infusion…);
  • to avoid fats (oil, butter…) ;
  • to favour cooking with lemon or on the grill ;
  • to avoid sugar;
  • a vitamin and mineral supplement.

Warning: this plan must not be continued for more than 3 days in a row.

Typical Cosmonaut Diet Day

On a typical day:

  • Morning: skimmed milk powder diluted in water with coffee or tea.
  • Lunch: 2 eggs + green salad with light seasoning.
  • Evening: grilled lean meat + green salad with light seasoning.

Advantage of the Cosmonaut Diet

The main advantage of the cosmonaut diet is the very fast weight loss. The average weight loss is 3 kg in 3 days.

The disadvantages of a cosmonaut diet

The cosmonaut regime also has its drawbacks:

  • it’s hard to follow because it’s restrictive;
  • it should not be followed over a long period of time, as this could lead to dangerous dietary deficiencies;
  • Boomerang effect: a weight gain is inevitable at the end of the diet.

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