Cohen Diet

Cohen diet

“Lose 5 kg in 1 month”: this is what the very famous nutritionist Jean Michel Cohen promises us. His numerous television appearances have made you want to follow the Cohen diet? We tell you how to do it in practice.

Principles of the Cohen diet

A regime without prohibitions.

In this respect, this low-calorie diet is similar to the Weight Watchers diet. It involves eating everything, but in smaller quantities.

This method reduces calorie intake and allows you to lose weight more slowly than with the Natman diet, the Thonon diet, the Lemon diet or the Cabbage Soup diet, but minimizes the risk of frustration that defeats many diets.

The 2 phases of the Cohen diet

During the two phases of the Cohen diet, menus are offered as examples. Food equivalence tables are provided so that you can make your own modifications to these menus while respecting the calorie intake and the balance of the meal.

Phase 1

This is the weight loss phase. There are two main options:

  • Booster: 900-calorie days. Animal proteins at each meal, unlimited vegetables and two fruits per day. Cheese is forbidden and fats must be used in great moderation.
  • Comfort: 1,400-calorie days. Whole grain cereals, whole grain starchy foods and legumes are allowed at each meal in small quantities. One serving of cheese is allowed once a day.

Here’s a little tip to optimize your diet: alternate days with 900 calories with days with 1,400 calories so you don’t get tired, deficient or frustrated.

Please note: different formulas exist. Some include chocolate, bread, others brunch, others exotic flavours… There’s even a program called “businesswoman”.

Phase 2

This is the weight maintenance phase.

Days at 1,600 calories. The proportion of starchy foods is increased, as is the proportion of fat and dairy products.

Benefits of the Cohen diet

  • The weight loss is long-lasting thanks to the stabilization period.
  • There is some flexibility because there are days that are either 900 calories or 1,400 calories.
  • Little risk of frustration due to the diversity of the diet: this limits the risk of failure and the appearance of eating disorders.
  • No cravings: the diet is moderately hypocaloric and the fibres in fruits and vegetables are filling.
  • Recipes are offered.
  • Physical activity is highly recommended. It increases the body’s expenditure of energy (and therefore calories). At the same time, it firms the tissues.

The limits of the Cohen diet

  • Slower weight loss than dieting to lose weight quickly can be discouraging.
  • It’s a diet that puts too much emphasis on calories. It’s more the quality of the food that should be emphasized as balanced diets do.
  • It’s not a personalized diet like with a dietician. It does not take into account your health condition for example and possible eating disorders.

Cohen Diet: the price of online coaching

The Cohen Online Diet includes daily coaching videos, semi-customized programs (you will be sent the program that matches the typical profile you are approaching), meals, shopping lists, recipes and a dietetic team at your service to answer your questions.

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