Cabbage Soup Diet

A diet is a change in eating habits. It must be followed with vigilance so as not to cause dietary deficiencies. This is why different diets exist according to each person’s needs.

The cabbage soup diet is based, as the name suggests, on the consumption of cabbage soup for the different meals of the day. It was for a long time the diet to follow to lose weight quickly, before disappearing a little and coming back in force in recent years. Its principle is simple: 7 days of ultra-hypocaloric diet.

What is a cabbage soup diet?

A cabbage soup diet is also called a fat-burning diet. It is followed over a period of 7 days and should not exceed 14 days. It allows for destocking because it deprives the body of carbohydrates (apart from traces of sugar from fruit, milk and brown rice) and lipids (both forms of storable energy).

The seasoning of cabbage soup allows you to vary the flavours and thus make the diet less monotonous. Soups can be mixed or unmixed to vary the texture of the soup. However, soup with whole vegetables provides a more satisfying effect.

The cabbage soup diet is complemented by :

  • vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, onions…);
  • fruit;
  • nutritional supplements (capsules, herbal teas, vitamins, minerals…).

This diet is for people who want to lose weight quickly.

The cabbage soup diet in practice

It’s cabbage soup +:

  • day 1: fruit ;
  • day 2 : vegetables ;
  • day 3 : fruits and vegetables ;
  • day 4 : 3 bananas and skimmed milk ;
  • day 5 : lean meat + tomatoes ;
  • day 6 : lean meat + vegetables ;
  • day 7: wholemeal rice, fruit juice, vegetables.

Note: Fats are banned from this diet. Vegetables and meats should not be cooked with oil, butter or fresh cream!

Tips to lose weight with the cabbage soup diet

To have the best chance of succeeding with your cabbage soup diet, it is imperative:

  • to be motivated;
  • to take a rest:
  • to go on the cabbage soup diet only seven days a month;
  • to maintain a balanced diet after the diet.

The benefits of the cabbage soup diet

The cabbage soup diet has many advantages:

  • rapid weight loss, up to 5 kg in 7 days ;
  • no restriction on the amount of soup consumed;
  • easy to follow, the only real culinary effort is making soup;
  • this diet detoxifies the body.

Tip: Make a large quantity of soup for the whole week and freeze it in individual portions.

Disadvantages of a cabbage soup diet

The cabbage soup diet also has its drawbacks:

  • it causes severe flatulence;
  • it’s rich in salt;
  • it should not be followed for more than 14 days at the risk of creating dietary deficiencies;
  • weight regain is inevitable at the end of the diet;
  • it cannot be followed by people who are too physically active and/or too physically demanding in their work;
  • Feelings of hunger are common and can lead to fatigue, loss of concentration and irritability.

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