Blood Type Diet

The Blood Type Diet of the dissociated diets. It allows you to lose weight by taking your blood group into account to personalize your diet.

What is a Blood Type Diet?

The blood type diet was developed by an American naturopath, James d’Adamo. He based his diet on the difference in food assimilation according to a person’s blood group. According to this doctor, since not all blood groups appeared on Earth at the same time, each group would be adapted to a specific type of food that was specific to the period of its appearance. Some foods that are incompatible with one’s blood group would be the cause of weight gain and various health problems.

The blood group diet offers 4 personalized diets:

  • blood group A: vegetarian diet (fruits, vegetables, cereals) ;
  • blood group B: balanced diet (dairy products, eggs, meat – except chicken, vegetables, fruit, cereals) ;
  • blood group AB: a varied diet allowing foods of blood group A and B ;
  • blood group O: protein-rich diet (meat, fruit, vegetables).

Please note: all these diets require constant sporting activity.

Benefits of the Blood Type Diet

There are advantages to the blood type plan:

  • it can be followed for the rest of one’s life;
  • it allows a progressive weight loss;
  • diet helps prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer . . ;
  • it’s easy to follow because there’s no quantity restriction;
  • no feeling of hunger;
  • it allows you to adopt healthy eating habits (not snacking, exercising, avoiding sugary drinks…) and to think about the impact of what you eat.

Disadvantages of the Blood Type Diet

However, the blood grouping regime does have some drawbacks that you should be aware of:

  • Weight loss depends on individual eating habits;
  • the results are random;
  • difficult in the long term: it can be restrictive and frustrating to change eating habits for a long period of time;
  • the foods recommended for our blood group do not necessarily suit everyone’s tastes and lifestyle;
  • it can lead to deficiencies.


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