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Weight Watchers Diet:

Basic Premise:

Assist dieters in their weight-loss goals by forming helpful habits, eating smarter, exercising more, and providing a support network. Calories are ingested based on a calorie-point plan.

Allowable Foods:

All foods are allowed depending on how many calories the dieter's point plan allows.

Brief History:

Weight Watchers was founded by Jean Nidetch in 1970 with her book, The Memoir of a Successful Loser The Story of Weight Watchers. The original plan included in that book was supplanted with handbooks in 1972-73 for women interested in the diet. By 1989 the original plan changed to an exchange-based diet, and in 1997 the first points-based program was introduced. During these years, H.J. Heinz Company owned Weight Watchers. But Weight Watchers was aquired in 199 by Artal Luxembourg and went public in 2001.

Dietary Practice:

The diet is based on creating approximately a 1,000 calorie/day deficit for dieters and budgets how many calories per day should be eaten via "points". Subscribers are assigned a daily point target to consume each day, plus another set of points they may consume throughout the week.

Members of Weight Watchers may attend meetings to weigh-in, network with a support group, and analyze their program's effectiveness. For those who don't wish to attend in person, online plans are available.

Physical Activity:

Physical activity is encouraged, and members main earn additional points for their menus depending on the level of activity engaged in.


DISCLAIMER: For all dietary recommendations, consult your primary physician to determine what is best for your
individual goals and health conditions.

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