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Slim Fast Diet:

Basic Premise:

Lose weight by eating or drinking the specifically engineered meal replaces and consuming one sensible dinntertime meal daily.

Allowable Foods:

  • Slimfast Shakes
  • Slimfast Shake powders
  • Slimfast Bars

The sensible full meal is not offered in their product line but is recommended not to exceed 500 calories.

Brief History:

In 1977 Slim Fast was started as a product line of the Thompson Medical Company. It was marketed as "a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, then a sensible dinner". As the products have evolved, the company now incorporates snack bars into the daily regime, and Slim Fast advocates a more flexible system. Studies have shown that subscribers to the diet, who adhered to it consistently, do lose weight.

Dietary Practice:

Incorporating Slim Fast is fairly easy for dieters. They need only replace their morning and noontime meals with one of the Slim Fast meal replacer products--a shake or a bar. Dieters may have two shakes, two bars, or one bar and one shake daily, so long as they only have two of this type.

The Slim Fast shake is ready to drink, but dieters may also purchase the less expensive Slim Fast Shake Powder and mix it with skim milk.

Meal replacement bars contain 200 calories and are meant to be used instead of the shakes. They contain supplemented vitamins and minerals, the same as the shakes do.

Snack bars are only 100 calories and are designed to fill the gaps between mealtimes with a healthy snack. They arenot supplemented with vitamins and minerals.

The diet is branded as "3-2-1", which emphasizes three 100-Cal snacks, two 200-Cal meal replacements, and 1 sensible dinner.

Physical Activity:

Slim Fast, like many diet plans, recommends regular physical activity for weight loss. However, they do not prescribe specific limits and dieters are not obligated to exercise programs.


DISCLAIMER: For all dietary recommendations, consult your primary physician to determine what is best for your
individual goals and health conditions.

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