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Jenny Craig Diet:

Basic Premise:

Through effective nutrition and physical activity, and using counseling, dieters become healthier in lifestye and eating habits.

Allowable Foods:

Dieters following Jenny Craig must purchase the pre-packaged Jenny Craig meals. The frozen meals are distributed through their weight loss management centers or may be shipped directly to clients.

Brief History:

Jenny and Sidney Craig founded the weight loss, weight management, and nutrition company in 1983. It was started in Melbourne, Victoria, and in 1985 began operations in the United States. Today, Nestle Nutrition owns Jenny Craig and the company has more than 700 management centers in Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, Peurto Rico, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

Dietary Practice:

The pre-packaged meals meet USDA dietary guidelines and feature vegetables, fruits, reduced fat milk products, whole grains, and lowered fats. It also includes poultry, fish, lean (red) meats, eggs, beans, and nuts. The meals are low in cholesterol, added sugars, saturated fats, and sodium. Adaptations of the meals will work in conjunction with the dietary needs of vegetarians, men, women, teens, Type 2 Diabetics, and senior citizens.

Dieters receive individual, private counseling with program consultants who are trained by the company to provide education and support. Dieters then join a plan of their choosing and purchase pre-packaged meals from their local center (or order to be shiped online). Initially, the menu must be strictly adhered to. As dieters proceed, they are able to customise their own menus. At the halfway point, they can incorporate as little as two pre-packaged meals. Once they have reached their desired weight-loss goal, they no longer need to rely on the pre-packaged food, or planned menus, or consultations.

Physical Activity:

A healthier lifestyle doesn't coincide with a 'sedantary lifestyle' and Jenny Craig recommends simple daily activity in conjunction with portion control. There is no mandated minimum time; no exercise program. However, the company encourages those who want to do more, to do so.


DISCLAIMER: For all dietary recommendations, consult your primary physician to determine what is best for your
individual goals and health conditions.

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