Which is the Best Diet?

Which is the Best Diet?

Atkin's Diet

Jenny Craig Diet

Mediterranean Diet

Ornish Diet

Paleolithic (Caveman) Diet

Slim Fast Diet

South Beach Diet

Vegan Diet

Volumetrics Diet

Weight Watchers Diet


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Which is the Best Diet?

Many people looking to lose weight question what is the best diet? There can be a variety of answers to that particular question, and variations on that questions:

  • What is the best tasting diet?
  • What is the most affordable diet?
  • What is the best low-carb diet?
  • What is the most effective weight loss diet?
  • What is the best diabeties, heart-healthy, commercial, vegetarian...

The list goes on.  The answer is, simply, what diet is the best for you? Diet plans vary. Some that may be intensely heart-healthy may not meet a specific dieter's budget demands. Another person's tastebuds may differ drastically and lead to contradictory reviews on diets.

But there are some diets that are commonly known and have been around for decades. These diets transcend 'fad' diets, that hit big, take the populous by storm, and quickly fade away. We provided some basic details for these commonly referred to diets. We can't answer whether the diet is the best in any particular area, but we can tell you what each is founded on, what the overall demands and limitations are, and help you make an informed decision.

Remember to always confer with your physician before committing to any diet plan.

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